Alimah Course vs Uni

I agree with some of the posters, if possible do full time and part time for the other one. either or.
but Im a slightly more incline towards the full alimah course, if you have a good opportunity for that then grab it.
Regardless you are learning knowledge for both options and you will use them for the betterment of the ummah.
like another poster mentioned, if you study medicine for the intention to help other people.
but check again this alimah school you are attending, get a really good school.

see accordingly your situation, status, keyword is balance between knowledge and other things. All knowledge come from Allah s.w.t.
Respect your parents decisions, try to persuade them. Your parents only want well in you.
Do istikhara prayers, not necessary the results come in actual dream but it may come in a feeling or ease in that matter you are pursuing. and no obstacles.

looking at your situation again, you mention your parents are alim, i believe you may have learn a few and or a lot of things from them (religious guidance)
yes unfortunately universities have this free mixing and all the unhealthy and unislamic stuff at times, but correct me if im wrong, there are always other muslimah in schools, my advice stick with them and know your boundaries. try to avoid those unnecessary stuff.
I believe its best you keep up the good reputation all the more you belong to an alim family.
Discuss this with the relevant people, make decision, hope you all the best

just my opinions

REF: Islamic Parenting

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