Daniel Haqiqatjou – Missionaries in Western Schools


“If I told you that Christian missionaries were going to your child’s school and aggressively proselytizing to them and pressuring them to leave Islam and become Christians, wouldn’t you be alarmed? Wouldn’t you be angry and concerned?

What if I told you these missionaries weren’t at your child’s school one day but were there every single day, just constantly pressuring your kid to accept Christianity and leave his Islamic faith behind. Would you keep your child at that school?

The reality is, virtually all schools in the Western world (and many in the Muslim world as well) are indoctrinating your children, but the religion being imposed is not Christianity. It is secular liberal materialism.

If you have ever wondered why our youth are leaving Islam in droves, there is a clear reason for it. It’s not some freak phenomenon that no one can control. It has a clear cause. We have to do something, anything, to protect our kids and counteract any damage that has already been done.”

~ Daniel Haqiqatjou

REF: Islamic Parenting

One thought on “Daniel Haqiqatjou – Missionaries in Western Schools

  1. Once I visited my friend, and his 5 years old son said “Happy Christmas!”. I wasn’t shocked but was sad, so slowly began to ask what he is doing. The chain of words and “the simple logic” he used were clearly showing that it was not his ideas but proper brainwash. Next questions were to indentify the source of this misguidence whether it was from family or the school. Kid straightaway said that it was Mrs Something from the school.
    After firmly explaining the implications to the parents, they made their research within the school where the response was the school program teaches that as a normal program unless parents insist their kid to be avoided on those issues. So just writing that your kid is Muslim on his application is not enough as no one cares! Be inquisitive and always stay alert and vigilant as this is a part of being Muslim in non Muslim world.

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