Dream interpretation-daughter drowned

Asalamu alaikum

I had a drram this morning…it was so bad I woke up crying
I had to leave my child for a few months in orderived to get married back home and inshallah I will be returning in a month or 2…. but I’ve been missing my child soo much.. always thinking about her… she’s 7 years old now and stays with my mother but still I always fear that something bad happens to her and I’m not around….

This morning I dreamed that I was in this fun carnival enjoying my self just walking around peacefully… and I seen all my nieces playing…. then I wondered where’s my daughter shes,probably asleep… so I kept walking peacefully then I stopped near this big hill where everyone is waiting to get free ice cream… so I’m there sitting and enjoying the weather…

All of a sudden a police officer comes with angry face at the ice cream man… telling that’s not a good place to sale ice cream and that he almost died drowning in some near by street filled with water… at the moment as I was listening to the angry cop I got really worried about my daughter… I kept walking and looking around for her suddenly I’m in this stormy rainy weather and a street flooded with rain…. I was shouting my daughters name with worry…. suddenly I see this lady in her flooded back yard holding a girl in white dress with a red wool around her waist and I said to my self oh no please don’t let it be her… so I ran to that lady and as I was getting near her I noticed that it was my daughter and she has drowned…. when I got there my daughter woke up coughing… the lady smiled and handed her to me… I was hugging her so hard and crying so much….

In this dream I had the feeling of a wreck less careless mother.. I hated my self in it…

What could this dream mean?

Is it a sign that my daughter needs me and that I should return to her asap??

REF: Islamic Parenting

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