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Is it okay to allow your child to be aware that as a woman, you are confidential in how you look and pleased with your physical appearance?

I don’t mean cosmetics and western clothes.
I don’t mean any nakedness or inappropriateness.

I just mean in a quietly modest sense, that as a female, the mother is grateful to Allah (swt) for being female and is confident in her femininity and unashamed of her form.

When at home of course.

Hopefully raising her daughter with a good sense of herself. Therefore lessening that crushing inadequacy and self criticism that girls (and boys) feel as they grow up.

The parents , and mostly the mother , is the most important figure in boosting the morale of her children.

Telling them that they are loved , beautiful , capable .. That they make you proud , happy , etc.

These are all essential. In fact , there are stories I have read on this forum of women never being told that they are beautiful , ever in their lives. When really ( from an Islamic perspective ) , her family should be encouraging their self esteem or else they may go and seek it from haram sources.

From what I have heard in general – and feel free to correct me , but things get problematic when we praise spouses / children beyond what is acceptable. For example , telling your spouse ” You are the most beautiful of Allahs creations. ” or things of that nature.

Allah knows best

REF: Islamic Parenting

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