Help with names

for the input .. ameen to all the duas .. such exciting times for me and the husband alhamdulillah

my husband really really likes julaybib… the reason for this is the story behind it .. subhanallah it’s a beautiful story .. if you don’t k ow it here is the link

the only problem with this is that others may make fun … desis will call the child jalebi and the non desis will call the child jelly baby

and you can’t name your child something where they will be mocked

i really wanted abdur Rahman because it’s such a beautiful and beloved to Allah … my husband has a cousin with this name so his family would probably kick up a fuss but I am still going to consider the name.

too be honest I don’t want any common names

I will probably stick to Mu’awiyah and Amatullah … but if you guys keep giving your input I may just change my mind

REF: Islamic Parenting

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