How do you make Eid special for your children?

ah the good old days…

My parents used to bring eid colouring books for us 2 days before eid, and we starting colouring and sticking them on the wall, compete who would do the best colouring !! then my mum will show off our colouring to our guests who pop over the morning… looord how excited that used to make us !!

they used to ask us what we would like for gifts… I used to love cooking toys lol then when I grew up I couldn’t hate anything more than cooking lol … and they used to give us money on top…

in the mornings, we would go to the eid prayer land (just simple sand no prayer mats, which we thought was a play ground !!) we used to have an open door policy between us and our neighbours, and we’d be running up and down the flats and playing while our parents do their things <<< that was very special to us because it would never be allowed if it wasn’t eid
we used to prepare eid quiz and get prizes for them (but that’s when we got a bit older like 6 – 9 years old

then in the afternoon we’ll go to theme parks or somewhere with our other families

Sorry I know its irrelevant to your children (3 and 1)

REF: Islamic Parenting

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