How to make parents happy

How to make parents happy

A while back I asked mum if she wants to go to some place with me/spend time together (its an exhibition place) but she said she didnt want to. Her age is 60 plus. I made another suggestion and she declined as well. And then I thought looks like I’ve run out of ideas.
Hence this thread.
So I thought it be a good idea if we can all share our experience and knowledge on this matter so everyone can benefit and be inspired to do the same.
So please share what are the creative ways that you can think of to make parents happy.

This thread aims to follow and propegate the sunnah of being good to one’s parents and is dedicated to parents.
Do not scroll down first
Here’s how it works, you open up notepad, (type it in notepad, save them somewhere) list down all the ideas via number format.
Then post them here.
Then scroll down to see answers and how you and other posters thought of the same idea. It be cool.

I will post mine after this,inshaAllah.

Allah says in the Quran
Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good,

In hadith

Some links on parenting…ther-in-islam/

May Allah allow us to continue to be good/kind to our parents

REF: Islamic Parenting

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