I don't want my kids to visit my in-laws

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Why do you hate them?

Are they Muslims?

I’ll ask Sheikh Abu Musab in this QA,

I doubt you have any such rights unless there is some harm to be feared from the in laws,

Thanks bro for asking Sheikh Abu Musab my questions.

Yes they are muslims. Why do I hate them? It’s a long story that I rather not get into for fear that it might be considered backbiting,
I have decided that I will not speak to them. I have forgiven them for what they’ve done to me, however I don’t want to chat with them or visit them. I want to keep myself separate from my wife’s family.
But when I do have kids, I don’t them to be around them. I have told my wife that she can visit them all she wants but I have forbidden them to enter my house. That will not be allowed.

Anyways, I’m curious of what the answer will be,

REF: Islamic Parenting

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