Is Immorality among Young People a Result of a Lack of Purpose?

There is no doubt that there is a plagues of immorality and decadence sweeping the world. And this blight is present not only in non-muslim countries but also muslim countries to an extent.

Now when it comes to finding a reasoning behind this the most common answer involves “raging hormones.”

However, I suggest that the problem of immorality among youth and especially muslim youth is not “raging hormones” but a problem subtle yet gnawing at the muslim community: the lack of a higher purpose in life.

When a person or people does not have a higher purpose or Cause for which he will zealously struggle, in many ways his life becomes somewhat meaningless. It is that Drive for a higher cause that keeps people moving forward. For many muslims, the very idea of a higher purpose is mostly non-existant.

When that happens, people instead of going after higher cause, they cave to their debased instincts and take strongly to degeneracies, immoralities as if that is the goal of their lives. That’s why you hear cases like when some muslims come to the west, they participate in degenerate practices like drinking alcohol and other excesses.

Now then I would like to discuss another, of a Non-muslim country: Weimar Germany.

Under the likes of Friedrich and Otto von Bismarck, Prussian society as a whole had a sense of purpose and Cause, namely aggressive expansionism. Not a good cause but a cause nonetheless. After Germany lost WW1, this sense of purpose had been stripped from Germans.

What happened in the Weimar Republic was hell on earth from a moral Point-of-view. Things happened that are unmentionable in this thread. But what can be said is that Germans took strongly to the debased, animalistic instincts/ their lower selfs.

Hence, I personally believe that if young people can be induced with a sense of a Higher Purpose, that if it can be taught that if they do something to struggle for their Cause and that it is better than living like a parasite who has caved into his lower animal self, I’m very sure that such young people will not fall for nor chase a debased lifestyle which is below them.

REF: Islamic Parenting

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