islamic learning for preschoolers ie books/crafts etc

AsSalaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters,

Just wondering if you all have any good recommendations of nice ways to teach/increase interest about Islam to preschoolers? We have a few islamic books these are the ones we have: “good night stories from the Quran” “celebrating Eid ul fitr with Ama Fatima” “my first holy Quran” my child really enjoys them. Any other nice stories with Islamic themes and teachings?

Any craft ideas to do with an almost 4yr old? I’ve saw crafts online but they seem more suited of other ones. Any other ideas?

I am in a bit of a confusion if I am on the right track so any tips and advice if I am doing it right would be great inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah she seems to understand everything we’ve talked about so far. We’ve talked alot about differences between beliefs as our family are non-muslim (atheists) and she goes to a nursery attached to a CofE academy so she’s being taught about Christianity there so I’ve had to teach the differences sooner than I expected to.

I mainly just want fun ways to entertain her with an Islamic educational bonus. So what do you all do with your children?

REF: Islamic Parenting

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