Mariyah as a Muslim girl's name?


My wife and I are expecting twin girls Mashallah. We have been thinking of names and we really like the name Mariyah for one of them. We have done some research and it seems like this is an Islamic name. The name also derives from Mariyah al-Qibtiyya, who bore a son to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

Some sources say Mariyah was the Prophet’s wife and others say she was not. Whatever her marital status, Mariyah still embraced in Islam and was thought of highly by the Prophet.

However, we are concerned some people in our cultural circles (more the older generation) might look down on the name Mariyah because they may think she was a mere concubine or “slave” of the Prophet. My mother has also expressed doubt about the name Mariyah, but I think this is because she thinks it is too similar to the Catholic name “Maria” and doesn’t realise there is a Muzzy variant.

Grateful if my learned brothers and sisters on this site can advise whether choosing Mariyah is a suitable Islamic name for a Muslim baby girl.

Can someone also tell me how it is pronounced? Is it Maria as in the Western way, or “mar-ree-yer”?

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REF: Islamic Parenting

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