My Father views Pornography, how to confront him?

My Father views Pornography, how to confront him?

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    I’m so sorry I did not know where to post this, marriage seemed irrelevant and this is not exactly parenting but family problems. I did not find a thread suitable, so please forgive me if this bothered you.
    I know that a lot of people have posted similar things, because sadly, this is quite common. Most people as I found on the Internet were furious at their fathers and angry, almost feeling betrayed.
    I already found out my (unmarried) uncle watches porn last year, and I was absolutely disgusted at him and would hate to be around him. I found it difficult to look him in the eye or sit next to him. I knew that it was immature and stupid, I simply would hate to be around him. I eventually got used to it, I suppose. I still hate to sit next to him or shake his hands..
    Now that I found out my father does, I feel drained and disappointed just as much as I am disgusted. I really am sick of this. My father is 58 years old and my mother is 41. I am 13. @(please nobody questioning my age, not all of us type in plz and 123’s for letters);
    How am I supposed to look at my father and talk to him about him watching indecent stuff? And I read that the same as the Prophet(S) would speak in third-person when it was embarrassing, I don’t know what to do. Should I simply say,
    “There are a lot of bad and indecent stuff on the Internet. However, even when all doors are closed, Allah sees, and the angels record it down, and the devil is with you enjoying it.” (I just made that up now)
    I am scared to confront him as he easily gets angry at me as I am always correcting him. Some say to tell the mother but I fear that would just be problematic. How do I deal with this situation? It is saddening and depressing to know my father is in such a shameful sin, but I know that I am not sinless and must forgive him the same way Allah has forgiven me for my sins.
    How can I.. act normal with this? I can forgive but I cannot forget. Same goes with my uncle. It depresses me. What should a Muslim do at this situation?What would the Prophet(S) advice me to do in a situation like this?


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