My Parents treat me the worse and I practice Islam the most…Cutting ties of kin

Specially my father, he’s brutally relentless in making me feel pathetic. Nevermind that for two years when I should have been going to university a few years ago I had to be the one paying rent, paying for food, for bills for a family of five etc. I was providing for an immigrant family. An Immigration that I was very strongly against.

They made things worse for themselves by living way beyond their means. They buy a house they cant afford, and I strongly advice not to. They live in Riba. Every loan they have taken I adviced them not to take. Now they are struggling and even the 500 a month i give them and plus the 100 dollar i give them weekly for food is not enough.

I have spent the least amount of time with them. I could shoot them in the foot the feet tell them It was my grandfather who take care of me for 7 years..I am 26 but I have never spent more than 10 years with them on aggregate.

My brother and Sister never had to endure any of this. As a Middle child and their situations and the gap of age between us just ended up that way.

I so badly wanted to move a few years ago, I couldnt because none of them had jobs….

I am going to move out again next year. I cant be bothered having to pay for these riba loans they have put themselves into specially if all I ever see is mistreatment. Litterally I am the only Child they ever shout at and consistently humuliate on the food table.

they will never Find rest in the world of they continue to humimilate themselves with riba based loans…Never.

Maybe I should respond because it seems like tolerating these behaviour leads to nothing.

REF: Islamic Parenting

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