Obeying parents is your way to jannah

Children should learn Quran, and to be taught how to deal with their parents. If you are not be able to send your child to any Islamic center to teach him Quran, because of distance, bad changes of weather, money, or you seek for a native Arabic speaker teacher to teach him the proper pronunciation of letters, you can let him learn Quran online. By learning Quran, he will know the verses that was revealed upon the prophet to guide us to the way of how to deal and act toward our parents, and how Allah orders us to do good for them and not to grumble in front of them. Even if the parents are not Muslims or disbelievers, you should do good for them, respect them, and deal with them kindly. You must refine your behavior when dealing with them. You should take care of them when they get older, not to scream in front of their faces, and to respect them. As obeying them is considered one of the ways that leads you to Jannah. Remember that praying and making dua’ for your parents is a way of obeying them, and a way which makes Allah satisfied with you.

In the meaning of the verse Allah says that He had decreed upon you not to worship except Him and to do good for your parents. And when they get older, one of them or both of them, do not say faugh to them, and not to scold tham, but say good to them.

When ibn Masaoud asked the prophet about the best deed he can do, prophet (PUH) said that prying on the time of the prayer is the best, when he asked him again, and and what else, prophet (PUH) said that and obeying parents, and when ibn Masaoud asked again, prophet replied that it’s the jihad in the sake of Allah.

Reference: https://alazharquranteaching.com/obe…-way-to-jannah

REF: Islamic Parenting

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