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I need some tips on how to deal with the sickness and fatigue

it’s awful and I feel so run down but alhamdulillah

my shift is between 2 and 9pm and I don’t know how I’m going to cope … I already fell asleep once

and the sickness starts as soon as I wake up and lasts for ages

Do you have a fever? If so any fever reducing medicine will do (Ibuprofen, acetamenophin, paracetamol, aspirin, etc). Drink lots of water, as sister nutella said, vitamin C helps immune system, chopping up some mint and ginger in some tea will usually help with sinuses and the tea has the caffeine which gives you an energy boost.

As far as fatigue goes, as sister nutella pointed out, get blood work and see if you’re deficient in anything – namely iron. If everything seems fine, and you feel like you get proper sleep and rest, I’d go to the doctor. You may have chronic fatigue syndrome and I don’t believe the cause of it is known yet, however it could be a side effect of an underlying problem. Either way, I believe there is some treatments for it (but I have no idea whether or not they are effective). May Allah sub’anaho wa ta’ala give you great health and make you feel more energized.

Also, I find that tea boosts my energy up way more than coffee (perhaps it’s the concentration of caffeine?). I know it’s not a proper treatment for fatigue, but it definitely helps temporarily. But it’s usually strong teas like black tea that really gets my energy up.

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