Stranger giving your children food .

Wa Alaykumussalam
Interesting question actually. I’m in two minds about this lol
There’s the first concern.. because it’s a stranger, you never know what they’re giving you, where it’s been stored, whether it is halal etc
At the same time.. it’s a cute/nice gesture, and the majority of people would only do this with a good intent Like sometimes I’m on the bus and see an ultra cute baby or kid, and I’m like Masha ‘ Allah, and I’d love to offer them like sweets or lollies or something, but at the same time.. I know most parents are quite distrusting, and might think I’m weird, or reject it outright, or might be plain rude about it, so I wouldn’t.
So in most cases I think people would only offer with good intent.. because its a kid/baby, and they’re so pure and innocent Masha ‘Allah, and they just like offering because kids get excited over like a lolly or something like that, it’s too cute If it was a female offering it, or particularly a female Muslim, I would feel comfortable with this. If its just me and my baby/kid, and its a man offering it would be a bit weird.. even though he doesn’t necessarily have bad intentions. The cutest thing though is when their kids offers your kid.. I’ve seen It before on the bus I’m sure. When like one kid sees a cute kid/baby, and offers them a sweet, and the other one shyly takes it with a little smile, and they’re kids so it’s just so cute and innocent, Subhanallah. And like kids have such pure hearts when they’re young. I feel like when we get older and more exposed to society and learn of the evils and things.. we start getting more corrupted/polluted, even if we fight against it. In a way.. Anyway that’s a bit of tangent. What about you pb??

REF: Islamic Parenting

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