Teaching Language to a 5 Year Old.. Harmful/beneficial?


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

Aa the title implies…You have a child who is a few months short of age five. Their parents would like him to possibly start learning Arabic despite his background being non-Arab.

I was recently having a discussion with someone about the age children ought to start ‘formally’ learning and the notion that children going into school too early being detrimental or at least, less than optimal, was bought up.

This is a regular child with no obvious difficulty (or quickness) in learning, and they are currently learning to memorize the different suwar well as Qa-idah.

I’ve always thought language is something best acquired ‘organically’ through environment, especially when it comes to children, and personally, the thought of trying to teach a child so early has me feeling as though it might be a little too much.

Part of me would like him to start learning, though, and another part of me says it could have a negative effect, as this wouldn’t be the sort of the interactive, fun, colourful, exciting, etc way to learn.

I think maybe some very short periods of exposure to Arabic language might be beneficial in at least making it easier for when he does, inshaa’Allah, start to learn Arabic properly at a later age.

If any of the brothers and sisters here teach (Islamic/secular), have taught children, have some idea of child psychology, or just personal experience with something like this, I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, although all are welcome to post.

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(Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.)

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