Teenage Problems

salaam alaikum all,

I really need serious advice how to deal with 16 year old teenager. She is my sister. And she is having really hard teenage. She is trying her limits A LOT,
Also she is trying my patience A LOT

Now we are in a situation where she locks herself in her room when I come home. For instance she is sitting in living room, and when I arrive home from work, she gets my salaam and immediatly runs in her room. She is not doing anything bad. And I have no idea why she is doing so. But this act really hurts me. Really does. And I think she knows it very well. She avoids me , she does not want to talk with me, she basically thinks Im irritating or so……

Please I would like to know any advice that may help me because my patience is ending.

Jzkm Allah all khair in advance for any answer.

REF: Islamic Parenting

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