Wanting a 3rd..but a little worried.


I’m 24 years old I have two boys alhamdulillah.
One is one and a half years old and one is 5
I struggle here and there, nothing out of the ordinary though I just need to build my patience up a little I guess.
Anyway recently we’ve been talking about another baby it would be difficult I guess with three as my eldest is even more hyper than the younger one lol. What’s your experience with three children and how did you find it?

I’m going to be real now..

Another one of my worries are. I know how some women are and there’s that thing in a woman about looking good which alot of the times involves extremely tight clothes and I also know how men look and the satisfaction a woman gets. Before getting on deen it was an addiction for me. Looking good and getting the looks. It’s hard to get out of. I get so worried that as she grows up and because a beautiful young woman I’m not gonna be able to hack the fact that she’s stuck in the same situation as I was and all the horrible looks she’s getting out there.

With my boys… I don’t really feel that I would worrying as much as I would for a girl for obvious reasons. I guess.

I know it’s a stupid worry.. I would love a daughter but I’m just wondering if I should go ahead or not 😔

REF: Islamic Parenting

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