When is the right time for a baby to have own sleeping room ?

Sharing a room with a baby makes it easy for parents to closely monitor their babies and ensure that anything that can make a baby uncomfortable is handled. Babies mostly resort to crying when uncomfortable in an attempt to make their parents aware of what they experience.
However, baby cries and noises can sometimes make parenting to be a frustrating ordeal and that may force the desire for some parents to take a break from babies’ distractions by considering different rooms for their babies.
It is important to note that babies mostly rely on their parents’ help. Therefore, the question of when it could be the ideal time for a parent to consider a different room for a bay can have many controversies. It is not bad for a baby to have own room as long as safety is an issue that is well looked into.
However, some exceptions should be considered. A baby as young as one month old shouldn’t be left to alone. At that delicate age, so many things can go wrong if a parent’s attention is delayed in important situations.

Babies as young as 4 weeks are often unpredictable and having them in different rooms can only pile up more parenting frustrations. You can imagine the sad thoughts of having to unpredictably move to a baby’s own room just to take care of unexpected cries.
Before you can make a decision to consider a separate room for a baby, you should be aware of his/her health and overall behavioral characters. Doing that will ensure that you worry less about a baby’s safety since you will be aware of what to expect from him/her at a certain time when you are separated by your respective rooms.
Meanwhile, moving a baby his/her own room isn’t something that you can just have some thoughts about and implement instantly. You must make adequate preparations such as buying the right accessories and preparing the room in a manner that it can offer comfort. Here are some of the things you can consider to ensure that your baby sleeps safely in own room different from yours.
Always insist on following safe sleeping practices.

You can imagine the kind of thoughts that can run through your mind if your baby’s room isn’t safe – any danger that can happen can significantly put a baby’s health at risk. You can avoid possible health scares by ensuring that a baby’s bed has the right blanket which can’t fall off and thereby expose a baby to extreme cold. Besides, you must ensure that a baby assumes the right sleeping position, preferably laid on the back to create enough breathing space.
A crib mattress is preferred for babies since it is warm and provides a comfortable sleeping surface which babies can find comfortable. Don’t use a pillow to prop a baby and instead opt for a pacifier. Pillows are somehow rough and may subject a baby’s body to extreme pressure which can lead to further bodily harm and injuries.
Buy an Owlet Baby Monitor or consider installing baby video monitor

If you haven’t heard of Owlet Baby Monitor, be assured that it is one of those components you would dearly fall in love with. The accessory is designed to monitor a baby’s foot while he/she is sleeping and also notify a parent if a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels may fall outside the preset thresholds.
In short, having an Owlet Baby Monitor ensures that you can still comfortably monitor your baby even when sleeping in different rooms. The accessory can be lifesaving in instances a parent is notified of situations such as a stopping heart rate.
If you get such notification, you can quickly move into action and apply life-saving procedures. Owlet Baby Monitor is easy to setup, can be Wi-Fi connected and has a phone app which a parent can use to view a baby’s sleeping readings remotely. You can also setup a video baby monitor in your baby’s room and be able to see him when sleeping. Some baby video monitoring systems can be connected to smartphones and your work as a parent would be just to open your phone and observe the video transmission of your baby sleeping.

Have a right routine on when to wake up to check your baby

You and your baby having different rooms don’t put a limit to your parental responsibility. Though video monitoring can enable you to see how your baby is doing, however, what if you are sleeping and a video seemingly is showing that baby has assumed the wrong posture or is into something that can be dangerous? In such a situation, you will have to wake up to get things arranged in the right order.
At that moment, you can also do meaningful tasks such as changing to a fresh diaper and confirming that a blanket is intact enough to provide the right warmth. Again, always remember to keep the door to your baby’s room open. Doing that will ensure that you never waste time when checking a baby.
For how long should a baby continue to stay on own room? The fact is that babies need adequate time to bond with their parents and making them stay at different rooms surely denies them important social bonding moments.
Don’t make the practice too routine. Instead, you can make a baby stay with you at those moments you may be having a fine day and won’t mind getting close to your baby. Socially, some people may consider the practice of parents and babies having different rooms to be a parenting neglect.
The truth is that no loving parent would find it Ok to be accused of such a thing. Here is how you can manage the situation – don’t let your baby at own room for unreasonably too long. Take some time and give him/her the care and love any parent would want for his/her baby.
There are some advices to when to put baby in own room. Parenting responsibility must be felt throughout and you can only let a baby have own room if you are certain about his/her safety and comfort.

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